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Same day appliance repair / emergency appliance repair

Same day appliance repair / emergency appliance repair

Posted on April 22, 2022

Are you sick of waiting long hours / days to fix your appliance when you can get same day appliance repair service from a reputable company?

The Appliance Repair Men was founded to solve the problem of unreliable appliance repair services in the appliance repair industry throughout the USA. Our goal is to ensure all customers can get their appliances repaired or fixed any day of the week (7 days per week), all major metro areas (40 states in USA) – no missed calls, 24/7 same day appliance repair, next day and emergency appliance repair


The Appliance Repair Men has handled repair services for both residential appliance repair,commercial appliance repair, and property management appliance repair clients since 2011. We pride ourselves as the largest most dependable appliance repair company in the USA. We have handled almost 1 million jobs across 40 states servicing appliances seven days a week. We have been able to grow at an incredible pace in such a short period of time because of our happy customer referral program. Our business over the past years has surged from word of mouth marketing thanks to all the positive appliance repair testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers. At Appliance Repair Men, we understand the value of referrals, so we handle each job with the utmost care and strive to give the customers what they all expect (proper communication).


Our appliance repair technicians undergo a stringent screening process, and only the best technicians are picked to work for us. All our technicians are insured, thoroughly background checked, hold licenses in required states, and have passed our strict guidelines when communicating with customers.

 Our deep learning technology and proprietary system we have customized from almost 1 million jobs have given us the knowledge to manage the overall quality and performance of each appliance repair technician. If a technician's internal score falls in our system, many things can happen such as, their job count per day could be lowered, they could be paused from taking more jobs, they could be forced to get proper training before being able to accept jobs. We are renowned for having the most skilled and highly experienced appliance repair men in the USA. Our technicians are courteous and friendly, and they maintain the highest level of professionalism. Our repairmen are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the diagnosis and repair process is seamless, fast and hassle-free. We value our customer’s time, our appliance repair technicians will never keep you waiting without communication.


We offer the highest quality of service at the most competitive price in the USA. As the largest reliable appliance repair company, we benefit from the economy of scale, so it is almost impossible to find another repair company offering the same quality of service at the same prices that can deliver same day and next day job appointments like we do. We use only high-quality replacement parts that will serve you for a long period, our vendors are industry leaders. Our service does not end after fixing your appliances, we will also follow-up to ensure you are 100% satisfied.


Why to choose the Appliance Repair Men in the USA?


  • All appliance technicians background checked and screened

  • 24/7 appliance repair service

  • 7 days a week (Always answer the phones)

  • We are experts with over 1 million serviced

  • Skilled, insured and highly experienced appliance repairmen


Do you want to inquire about an appliance repair or do you have questions regarding your refrigerator, washer, dryer, oven, microwave, dishwasher, stove? Give TARM a call today.