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Appliance Repair Company Reviews / Testimonials

Appliance Repair Company Reviews / Testimonials

Posted on April 22, 2022

Why Reading Appliance Repair Reviews When Looking for an Appliance Repair Company is a Waste of Time 

It happens to all of us. One of your appliances stops working at the worst possible moment. You need an appliance repair company fast. If it happens to be your refrigerator or freezer, you need someone immediately before all your food starts to go bad. But how do you choose the right one? 

Many people now turn to online reviews to choose a professional and reliable appliance repair company. But can you trust those appliance repair reviews? I can confidently say definitely not. Reading online appliance repair testimonials is a complete waste of time. Even worse, it will make you choose the wrong company. There are now more review sites than ever, and it is hard to know which ones to trust. In many cases, reviews only tell part of the story, are misleading, or may even be fake. For example the companies with the most 5 star appliance repair reviews most likely had to give their customers a gift (e.g. gift card) to post a review because 9 out of 10 customers will not go out of their way to post positive reviews. Secondly, the small amount of reviews do not paint the complete picture. For example if a company has serviced over 1 million appliance repair jobs and has 2.5 star rating based on 5 bad reviews, is that an accurate assessment of the company? Definitely not and is why all reviews should be banished from the internet until someone comes up with a fool proof review plan. The amount of businesses getting hurt from this inefficient way of rating companies is uncanny! Until the internet gets its act together and launches an accurate review system, I am going to explain how you can size up a company in 5 seconds, not only in the appliance repair industry but most industries. I am also going to tell you what the worst thing to do is when picking a company.

So, what should you look for if you need to hire an appliance repair company fast without getting scammed? The most valuable way to determine whether or not an appliance repair company is legitimate is to find out whether or not they accept credit cards. 

If the company you choose accepts credit cards, that is an indication that they have a good track record and reputation. Even better, when you pay all of the charges with your card, you have a layer of built-in protection. Here's why. 

Credit card companies have stringent requirements on their merchant accounts. These merchant accounts allow businesses to accept credit cards. One of the requirements is related to the company's dispute rate. This refers to the number of times a customer disputes a charge with that company. When someone is unhappy with a product or service, they may dispute the charge. If a company reaches a dispute rate of over 1%, they may lose their merchant account, and it is very difficult to get another one. 

The same customer dispute process also gives you that extra layer of built-in protection. Businesses want to avoid credit card disputes out of fear of losing their merchant accounts. If, in the end, you are unsatisfied, you can always dispute the charge, and you will likely win. 

So, if you need an appliance repair company, you might just want to skip the reviews and just be sure they accept credit cards. You may be better off in the long run.